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"Reckless Choices, Big Consequences."

Learn how to convert an idea into an effective course of action.

Who are we?

Criminal Justice Solutions

works hand-in-hand with the court systems. Our purpose is to give qualified of non-violent crimes a chance to understand the underlying reasons for unlawful behavior–and more importantly, a way to live from poor decisions they may have made.

Our Program

Criminal Justice Solutions Participants will: 

  • Gain an understanding of antecedents, behaviors, and consequences
  • Learn steps to proper decision-making
  • Become familiar with the causes of poor decisions and the underlying principles


What are some consequences of poor decision-making?

Consequences of poor decision-making include failure to reach predetermined goals; hurting oneself and others; physical and emotional distress; legal, family, career, social, and other problems; waste of time and resources; and many other unnecessary hurdles and challenges.